OpenF2F Class Notes 3rd May (Celeste)


I felt very happy in the 2 days past. My daughter and I went to music festival on May 1. Both of us are first time to attended this kind of event. There are so crowded but we got a lot of fun. Listen to music and saw a live are quite different , everyone would be influenced by music, we laugh and shock


I felt very happy over the past two days. My daughter and I went to the Strawyberry Music Festival on May 1. This was the first time for us to attend this kind of event. It was so crowded but we had a lot of fun. When we listen to music at home it is quite different than watching a live band. Everyone was influenced by music. We laughed and shook our bodies to the music/beat/rythm.

It was tired.

It was crowded. It was tiring. We were tired.

Before I went to the event… She wants to attend the music festival. She likes music.

temporary tattoo – tattoo that is not permanent

You will painful.You will be in pain. / You will experience pain.

If you regret it you cannot erase it very easily. – If you regret it, you cannot remove it very easily.