F2F Class Notes 3rd May (Jesse) [1]

1: last story retell + free talk + new vocabulary

judge = to say / to think sth about sb or sth that you don’t actually know based on your beliefs 

eg. when I first meet someone I try not to judge them until I get to know them

open minded < > judgemental / close minded 

soul < > flesh / form / body / physical 

religion – not a topic for conversation with strangers 

scalp – your head skin 

shiny – guang ze 

eg. Grace’s hair is very shiny after she washes it 

2:review + story / writing + main errors

F2F Class Notes 4th May (Celeste) [2]

Insert story using words from [1]

Main errors: past grammar

Homework: do some writing using words from today and last class. Focus: past grammar.

3:review + free talk on topic

F2F Class Notes 5th May (Harmony) [3]

Insert HW – if no HW, FT on topic and do related story focusing on “main errors” from last class writing.