F2F Class Notes 3rd May (Jesse) [1]

1: free talk + vocabulary + corrections

Paedophile – someone who likes children in a sexual way 

positive reinforcement – positive positivity 

constructive criticism – positive negativity 

criticism – negative negativity 

hinder impair – to obstruct / to lessen the effectiveness 

asthma – breathing illness 

insomnia – sleeping disorder 

allergy – negative reaction to external stimuli 

eg. i have an allergy to dust

dementia – brain illness 

glucose – blood sugar 

metabolism – the processing of chemicals in the body 

eg. fat people often have slower metabolism than skinny people

shake – milk + fruit etc 

eg. i love milk shakes

appetite – how much you want to eat 

eg. i have a good / big appetite 

“too much of a good thing is a bad thing”