OpenF2F Class Notes 3rd May (Celeste)

resolution  –  goal, solve a problem

ex: We need a resolution to solve our HR problem.

You favorite dessert. – Why do you favorite dessert?Why do you like dessert?

Dessert and your weight is opposite. – Eating desserts does not help you to lose weight.

Not everybody’s standards of beauty are the same.


It looks familiar for me sothat this kind of action explain that too many people in China keep on gaining petty advantages. I think free for starbucks is really attractive but not enough for doing that. so I just think its a joke.


It is bad news for S. I was not surprised because I know this is a kind of advertising. This kind of action is familiar to me.  It shows that too many people in China take advantage of a good thing. I think free drinks from starbucks is really attractive to customers but not worth it. So, I just think its a joke.

advantage – benefits

The advantages of SE are you get to learn one on one, whenever you want.

take advantage of- to do or use something for personal benefit

ex: I will take advantage of the sale on wine at Carrefour because iported wine is very expensive.

ex: When students email business work emails to SE consultants for grammar help, they take advantage of the services.