Open F2F Class Notes _ 21st Apr (Harmony/Celeste)



steal (verb) – to take something without asking.  To take something without paying.

noun: thief ( theef, one person)/thieves (theeves, plural) – people who take things without asking

ex: The thieves steal diamonds from the jewelry shop.

ex: My sister is a thief.


McDonalds (mick – donalds)

French Fries(frys):  fried potato slices.

Ex:  I like French fries, I often buy them from McDonalds.

Future (few – chur)

Choose (chooz)

Space (spaays):  an area to do something in.

Ex:  Children need a space where they can play.

Ex:  I need space when I am working.

Fillings:  a food mixture that goes into something, as if to fill it:

Ex:  I want to pick the fillings for my burger, I would like meat, lettuce, cheese…..

Ex:   When I eat a sandwich, I need the fillings.

Screen (skreeen):  the item you look at on a computer/ or a tv.

Ex:  I have two screens at work.

Healthier (hell – thee – er)

Profit:  the money that comes from selling something.

Ex:  I sold these shoes, I have 5 dollars profit.


I watched movie weekend. The movie name is “The jungle book”that it is a old story.This is a story about the boy Mowgli who breed by wolfs and he has a mentor panther.They are always happiness life in jungle ,until a tiger Shere appeared.As Shere once hurt by human .So he always want to kill Mowgli. At first ,Mowgli was very timidity,but the story end he comes much braver.

The movie ‘s graphic design very nice. The animals did very well.


I watched a movie last weekend. The movie‘s name is “The Jungle Book,” that is an old story. This is a story about a boy Mowgli who was raised by wolves and he has a panther as his mentor. They are always happy in life in the jungle, until a tiger, Shere, appeared. Shere was once hurt by a human, so, he always wants to kill Mowgli. At first, Mowgli was very timid, but at the end of the story he became much braver.

The movie’s graphic design is very nice. The animals did very well.