Open F2F Class Notes _ 21st Apr (Harmony)


difficulty – problem, issue.  If you are having a hard time doing something.


Crosswalk:  the area of the street where you can cross an intersection.  (white lines)

to commute – to go back and forth between two locations such as home and work on a regular basis

procrastinate (v) = to delay things that you should be doing now

ex:  I always procrastinate my homework, and then I have to do it quickly before school.

Ex:  I like to procrastinate by watching TV after work.

Ex:  I will procrastinate washing the dishes after dinner. / I have procrastinated washing the dishes.

initiative – an idea for an improvement / a quality of someone who is active in coming up with ideas in business
eg. companies really want employees that have a lot of initiative
eg2. I am leading an initiative that I hope will improve the company a lot

ex:  It is a good initiative for this project.

The government are banned to the diesel mopedThe diesel mopeds are banned by the government.


I focus on their loudly I focused on the noise level from these people

Rulers (Roolers) – no loolers

Debate:  when two people have different opinions and talk about.. sometimes loudly.


Illegal person – Lawbreaker


Take mention of it – take note of it


Gasoline:  the fuel that operates cars/ motorcycles

Email Review:


This  morning on my way to work I pass a roadside  it gather a lot of people.

On the roadside,some wearing police uniforms  are asking  Something to people who rising mopeds.what a busy scene on the roadside.probably police’s tickets made these people feeling anxious.they began to spoke.loudly to  the policeman. I don’t know why but the situation looked terrible.there are a lot of stranger  who were fouced on them because of their noise level. At the same time, it is time for work,I must immediately ran into the work in case I was late for work.


This morning on my way to work I passed a gathering of people on the sidewalk.

On the sidewalk, some people wearing police uniforms were asking questions to people who were riding mopeds. What a busy scene on the sidewalk. Probably the police’s tickets made these people feel anxious. They began to debate loudly with the policeman. I don’t know why, but the situation looked terrible. There were a lot of strangers who were focused on them because of their noise level. At the same time, it was time for work, I immediately ran to work in case I was late.

Asking questions = questioning

Frustrated:  very angry and upset at the same time.

Ex:  I feel frustrated when my husband doesn’t listen to me.