Open F2F Class notes 8th July (Eddie)

to be comfortable with something = to not mind something, to accept, to be okay with


Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

A second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

to lose weight =/= to gain weight / to put on weight

New learning from the job

Until last two weeks, we had received the good reputation from my main client. And we got 23opportunities about new campaign. Such a good trend. I felt a lots of achievement. The relationship I built very hard, which like my child. I always pay more attention for the brand, I want to build long turn relationship.

This week, the wind has changed. Client canceled one campaign because of burger cuts. Another one case, client let another agency to proceed. And the times client contact me was reduce. This morning , I sad a lots. After some hours I kept calm, suddenly, I got that this is a normal thing, some campaigns come, some campaigns lost, which is just job.
The client is just now client, maybe it isn’t long friend. The best I need to do is that try my best to do my job, as long as one day I am at the this company. Don’t overthink , just enjoy the life.


Until two weeks ago, we had enjoyed a good relationship with our main client. We got 3 opportunities about 3 new campaigns, which we thought was great. I felt like I had accomplished a lot. I had built this relationship with a lot of hard work, like it was my own child. I always pay attention to the brand as I want to build a long turn relationship.

This week, the wind has changed. A client canceled one campaign because of budget cuts. Another case, the client hired another agency. The client stopped calling me as frequently as before.  This morning, I was very sad. After a few hours I calmed down, as I realized that this was a normal thing. Campaigns come, campaigns go, it’s just a job.

The client is just a client now, not a long-term friend. The best I can do is to do my job as long as I work for this company. Don’t overthink, just enjoy the life. :))