Open F2F Class notes 8th July (Eddie)

to look forward to (doing) something = to await with excitement something


I am looking forward to my summer vacation.
I am looking forward to visiting Inner Mongolia.

to remove =

to cover (expenses) = I am not paying for anything, because my company is covering all expenses.
to cover (media) = to report on an event etc.
TV channels from all over the world cover the Tour de France.

my life always happen something weird = something weird always happens in my life

Recently I met a lot of problems which made me feel anxious.Since my last job is so relaxing for me, which made me solve problems slowly.(respond slowly?)My famliy member is only a few(I mean not much), so I lack the communication abilities with people.I realize this is my biggest disadvantage.IN the near future, i will exercise my abilities of communication.

Recently I‘ve had a lot of problems which made me feel anxious. Since my last job was not very demanding, it affected my problem solving abilities. I don’t have a large family, which means I don’t have a lot of opportunities to communicate with people. I realize this is my biggest disadvantage. In the near future, I will exercise my communication skills.