Open F2F Class Notes 5th January (Tony)


article – a written news story, or piece of writing.

eg: “There are many articles in the newspaper, but I think most of them are not interesting.”

new oriental – xin dong fang

scan – to have something read the electronic card.

eg: “I need to scan my card to go into the subway.”

organ – a major system in your body. eg: Skin, Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Brain, eyes…

eg: “Scientists discovered a new human organ.” “Skin is the biggest organ in your body.”

intestine N.- a long tube that your stomach uses to help digest food.

eg: “you have a small and a large intestine in your abdomen.

abdomen – the area  or part of your body that your stomach and intestines are in

eg: “They cut into his abdomen to do surgery.”

digest V. – your stomach will break down food, letting your body use it.

eg: “Food digests inside your stomach.”

Writing exercise

Original –

Yesterday I had a dream, dreamed that I went to the Philippines work, coworkers are all speak English, in my dream, my English is very good , I can conversion with them. I can rescue patients use English.the patients in a car accident, the people is very bad, need surgery immediately, I’m very hurry, ready to surgerybut they there conditions is very bad , no medicine no CPR machine so I’m running to ask to borrow this , , it’s the like true . Wake up and I feel imagine but I didn’t remember a word only know gauze.


Yesterday I had a dream that I went to the Philippines to work. My coworkers were all speaking English in my dream, and my English was very good. I hadconversation (n) with them. I can rescue patients using English. The patients were in a car accident, their condition was urgent, they needed surgery immediately. I really  (adv) hurried (v), and got ready to do surgery but their condition was very bad , they had no medicine, no CPR machine so I’m running to find one , , it felt real. I woke up and realized it was a dream but I didn’t remember any word except gauze.