Open F2F Class Notes 5th April (Jesse)

scenery – things to see in a place “see nar ee” 

eg. the scenery in Shanghai is mostly buildings, but in Xiamen it’s more beautiful and natural

went shopping for sth 

we must think – make sure you don’t say “musta”

if there are a few articles which are not very important, she can write them for me.

we will went to the event – we went to some events

mercedes benz – pr – “mer say dees” “benz”

stress / stressful / stressed – a bad feeling from pressure

eg. i am mostly happy at work but sometimes i get stressed because my job can be stressful sometimes

my major at university was automobile marketing

fulfilling – a really positive feeling of doing something good / important / enjoyable

eg. I love my job because it is really fulfilling

eg2. I am really fulfilled in my life

satisfied – man yi

eg. I am not very satisfied with my salary

varied – many different kinds

i had my breakfast in half past 8 and i think it’s very good because it’s varied and my mother do it by herself. Went to the office at 10oclock. Have lunch at 12 oclock, then I had a meeting with my boss at half past 1 this afternoon. We finished the meeting about half past 3 then I went here.

i had my breakfast at half past 8 and i think it was very good because it was varied and my mother made it by herself. After that I went to the office at 10oclock to do my job / to do some work. I had lunch at 12 oclock, and then I had a meeting about an interview with my boss at half past 1 this afternoon. We finished the meeting at about half past 3 and then I came here to study English / for a lesson.

twelve – push on the “v”




Then / After that
….. and then / and after that

go to the office / bank / movies / cinema / station / airport / post office
go home
go to work / go to hospital /