F2F Class Notes _4th Apr (Harmony)

Blindspot:  the spot when driving that you can’t see with your mirrors.

Someone steps on your foot:

  • Watch out/ look out/ be careful!

Be careful of bad driversLook out for bad drivers

** You cannot prevent the bad drivers.  All you can do is look for them and avoid them. 


Stink:  to be bad at something.

Analytically (skip the second a) – ann – al – lyt – ick – lee

I really like the unusual cases because they distinguish from the candidates that are merely good vs. those that are exceptional.


  • Because they distinguish between exceptional candidates from those that are merely good.
  • Because they distinguish candidates that are exceptional or merely good.


Defy: to resist


A given:  assumed, something that you always trust to be so


Ex:  It’s basically a given that John will be late for work again.

Ex:  “I always knew that we would get married. It was a given.”

What I could then do is FOCUSWhat I could do then is Focus


came to mindsomething that pops into your head, and idea, a solution, a random memory.


months  (drag it out if you need to, make sure to get the s on the end.  Stick your tongue out!)

eighth (ayt-th)

grasp:  to hold tightly. (basic definition)

This is a VERY important point that many people don’t quite grasp.

– understand, they can’t grab hold of.. therefore, they can’t master it.  (specific meaning)

Customs: when you enter a new country.

Custom:  customized.

Because you are supposed to.  / Because you should.

Ex:  I am supposed to go through all the formalities – it is expected; someone is expecting that you have done it already.

Ex:  I am thinking I should go through all of the formalities – this is your idea; you are trying to show them that you are eager to start.

Do this work as soon as possible

  • You are supposed to do this work – sounds like you’re blaming them.
  • Can you get this done as soon as possible?
  • When do you think this can be done by? / When do you think this can be completed?

Diplomat:  someone’s official job title.

To be diplomatic:  to be polite, to make people like you and want to do things for you (diplomacy).