F2F Class Notes 5th April (Celeste)

I think I have a higher body temperature than average people.

I run hotter than most people.

I always feel hotter.

He needs go school earlier he should put on the school uniform. – He needs to go to school earlier and he needs to put on the school uniform.

breakfast – breakfirst

b1/b2 – basement

Ex: There is a supermarket in the basement of a shopping mall.

above ground/ underground

Ex: All basements are underground.

first floor = ground floor

Which basement are you in?

I’m in B1/B2.../ I’m in basement level 2.

Did he like it? Yes he liked it. He eats it everyday with milk / with a glass of milk and sometimes with an apple.

nickname – small/little name

Ex: The nickname of Howard is Howie.

He always laughing.He always laughs. / He is always laughing.

He likes considering / thinking about what he doesn’t understand.

math mess