Interview preparation 2 30th December (Jesse)

have a date with my classmates / go out with my classmates

once every 2-3 weeks

watch filmsgo to the movies 

childhood friends – friends from my childhood
eg. we are childhood friends

lose touch < > get in touch

drift apart – to slowly stop being in contact
eg. after university we drifted apart

attend university – to be at university
join university – to start studying / participating at university

we have grown up

touch / connect / contact / spend time together –

bring trouble (strongest) / annoy / bother (softest)




ex per i ence – ecks peer ree ence

shortcomings – weaknesses

as for my garment skills

i like to study / i like to learn 

theory – “th

has a lot of knowledge + right attitude + good at learning + good track record + i’m more flexible / adaptable

That’s a good point. I feel that my last 5 years of experience and achievement speaks for itself. I have been through many different challenges over my time working in this industry, and although it has been only 5 years, I know based on feedback from my bosses and colleagues, that I’m a very fast and diligent learner, and have a great attitude when it comes to my work and responsibilities. I believe that older and more experienced leaders can be slower to adapt and less flexible. This is an area that I feel is my strength and I’m really eager to put it to good use.