F2F Class Notes 30th December (Tony)


cramp – sudden involuntary pain near your stomach, from sore muscles

eg: “You could get cramps if you exercise too soon after eating.”

serve – a way to start some games by hitting the ball to the other side, tennis, volleyball, badminton.

eg: “She always served it fiercely, nearly always acing her opponents.”

aced – do something so well, you had no mistakes

eg: “She aced her test.”

hit it out of the park – refers to baseball, a home run, when the hitter knocks the ball outside of the park. can be about a really good presentation, speech, or proejct

eg: “He really hit it out of the park and got the new client to come on board.”

hypotheticalnot real : imagined as an example

“Can I ask you a hypothetical question?” (If you had a million dollars, what would you buy?)


Past Participle – Have been

Present Perfect [has/have + past participle]

  • The contractors still haven’t finished the renovation.
  • The detective has not found the jewelry thief.

Past Perfect [had + past participle]

  • Jessica aced her test because she had studied all night.
  • They took the dog to the vet because he hadn’t eaten for days.

Future Perfect [will have + past participle]

  • You will have mastered the basics of algebra after completing this course.
  • Will you have completed your homework by the time I get home?

Conditional Perfect [would have + past participle]

  • If it wasn’t for the bad call, he would have won the basketball game.
  • I would not have succeeded if it wasn’t for your help.

Reference: https://blog.udemy.com/past-participles-2/