Group Class Notes 11th April (Jesse)

Today I went to an exhibition, and it showed many kinds of food,beverage and hotel supplies. The exhibition was in the Guo Zhan Road, Pudong District , Shanghai. It was so big that I spent 5 hours going around to see all of it, even though there were small buses taking the attendees around to different exhibition rooms. I bought some bowls and cups at a low price, and I felt satisfied.

The most important aim for this activity was to get some information about the enterprises’ insurance inquires. I didn’t do it well because today was the last day and the company’s workers were busy packing all the objects up. I felt a little sad, but I also felt happy as I bought the cheap belongings. In general, this activity is meaningful and I hope I can attend different exhibitions in (the) future.

activity – ack tiv i tee

cheap – “cheep”

worker – “werker”

was – “woz”

wo zit good?

all of it – “or lov it”  



people – pee pa l

people are good

will you –





boysare funny 

he is good 

theyare good