F2F Class Notes (Raph)[W]


Historical Figure (n): 1- A historical figure is a famous person in history, such as Alexander the Great, Gandhi, Hirohito, Bismarck, Washington, Napoleon or Mandela.
E.g.: Mao is one of modern China’s most important historical figures.

Cautious (adj): 1- Someone who is cautious avoids risks; a cautious action is careful, well considered, and sometimes slow or uncertain.
E.g.: He’s a very cautious driver.

Turmoil (n): 1- a state of confusion, uncertainty, or disorder:
E.g.: The whole region is in turmoil.

Decade (n): 1- a period of ten years, especially a period such as 2010 to 2019
E.g.: Air traffic has increased 30% in the last decade.


(Original – Edited)

I used a app that Jesse recommended. – I used an app that Jesse recommended.

You means. – You mean.

A group of WeChat. – A WeChat group.

Writing exercise


Yesterday, I drove my motorcycle around the Mei lan lake in the Bao Shan district. That is my first time driving for motorcycle by myself. I really felt strained and worry that I will fall over myself. So I drove it very carefully and I said to my self: I could be able to do that. Finally I drove safe more than one hours. That’s very special experience for me


Yesterday, I drove my motorcycle around Meilan lake in Baoshan district. This was my first time riding a motorcycle by myself. I  felt really uncomfortable and worried that I would fall, so I rode very carefully and kept telling myself that I could do it. Finally I drove safely for more than one hour, which  was a very special experience for me


Nervous: /ˈnɝː.vəs/