F2F Class Notes February 24th (Ben)


a behavior pattern = 行为模式


things that need packing / to be packed

It sounds to me like… = I understand that….

good to go = ready

How about = proposal

How about we have a walk together this week?

How about no?

What about = … 怎么样, …呢

  • I have two kids. My son is 5.
  • What about your daughter?
  • She’s 8 and she loves swimming.
  • And what about him?
  • No, he hates it.

I had a great weekend. What about you?

I have free rein in my company = I’m completely free, I’m the only one making decisions, I control everything.

I pour water in the glass. He pours it out. I pour some back in, he pours it back out. It drives me crazy !