F2F Class Notes _8th Apr (Harmony)



Scrambled eggs:  fried eggs that are all mixed up. (fried eggs in Chinese)


Scramble:  to mix together confusedly.

Fried eggs:  pan fried

  • Sunny side up

How much for freehow much weight is free?/ How much weight can each bag be?

I need pay more or lessWill I need to pay more?/ What is the price difference?



Taking a tour

  • Sightseeing tour
  • City culture tour
  • City highlights/ landmarks tour

Booking A Tour:

I want to see ______, what tour do you recommend/suggest?

What is the cost for that tour?

How long do we get at each stop?

Do you have any tours that are in Chinese?

On the tour:

What is our first stop?

Where will we stop for lunch? (just Harmony)

What time do we need to meet? back at the bus?

Can I rent/take an audio tour?

Hop on, Hop Off Bus.

Day pass:  a pass to buy for the metro or bus system that is usually cheaper than buying 3 tickets.


Audio tour/ electronic tourist guide:  a machine that has different languages to explain tourist spots.

Ex: May I rent an audio tour/ audio tour guide.

BnB:  Bed and Breakfast, a type of hotel system in the West.

Hostel: a type of hotel, usually cheaper and you likely will share a room with someone.

Ex:  If I don’t have enough money, or want to save money I will choose a hostel.


  • Wendy’s (fast food) – frosty – their chocolate ice cream dessert.
  • Chili’s (southwest tex mex food)
  • Red Robin (classic western food/ burgers and fries)

Tortilla:  a shell for making burritos or tacos.