F2F Class Notes _26th May (Harmony)

____ saw greatness in you Po, against my better judgement. More than you can see in yourself

greatness:  something good, something great.  (personality, abilities)

against my better judgement:  beyond my best judgement,  without regard for my judgement.  You didn’t agree.

eg.  I went outside without an umbrella against my better judgement.  (you knew that you would need an umbrella, but you didn’t take one or care)

lately, what kind of expressions have you needed to use?


raft:  any floating thing, without walls.

rice terraces:  rice fields that are built into a mountain/hill.  (looks like stairs)

terrace:  an area where each step is above the next. 

how many days you took the vacation there  how many days did you stay there?

silver (sill – ver)

we go towe went to

live vs. stay

hostel: a cheaper version of a hotel.  sometimes there are dorm rooms — you might share with strangers.  For travellers who don’t have a lot of money.

Dorm room:  has bunkbeds and you might share with strangers. (really cheap)

Privates:  you rent the room to yourself, with normal bed/beds. (cheap)

Ensuite’s:  a room, like a hotel—- so you have your own bathroom. 

BnB – Bed and Breakfast: a boutique/special/unique type of hotel.  Fancy/nice serve you breakfast.   You have your own room (no strangers are sharing).

Air BnB: someone’s house.  sometimes  you get a room, you might get a couch.

couch surfing:  staying for free on someone’s couch.

do you want to to there for another timedo you want to go there again?

it would be hard to try and go back, because there are so many places to go in China.

terra-cotta warriors:  the warriors in the tomb in Xi’an

terra-cotta:  a material used to make pottery or statues or art, comes from baked earth (clay)

pottery: a container made of earth, used for many different things.  Made of clay or terra-cotta.

antique:  items from old generations.  Usually worth some money, and sold at auctions. 

common area:  something that is shared by everyone, like a living room, tv room or kitchen.

common bathroom:  a bathroom that everyone shares. 

We both went to Guilin a few days apart/ with a few day gap in between our trips