F2F Class Notes _25th Apr (Harmony)



Architect (ar – ke – tekt)


jacuzzi / hot tub – tub of hot water with jets

jets – plane / the place where water spurts out from in a jacuzzi

ex: We took a jet to go to Paris.

ex: The jets in the jacuzzi feel good against my back.

TV stand:  a place to hold the tv off of the ground.

Ex:  My father bought a new tv stand for the tv.

No cctvno camera

Pimp:  a man that takes part of the money from the prostitutes/ hooker

Ex:  The pimp hit the girl who stayed at the hotel.

Pregnant (preg – nent)

Applied for the policecalled the police

Criminal record:  a police record showing that you have committed crimes.

Ex:  It’s difficult for the people who have criminal records to find a job.

Hike/ climb a mountain

Gondola: a carriage that is suspended in the air with wire to take you to the top of the mountain.

Ex:  I would like to take the gondola, rather than hike myself.