F2F Class Notes 26th April (Celeste)

People’s first impression is a water town. –The first impression that people get of/have of/have about Suzhou is that it is surrounded by rivers.

town by the sea – seaside town

very important port

With more than 10 mil population. – With a population of more than 10 mil.

They are like houses not flats/apartments. They are 1 or 2 floors/stories/levels.

plural = more than one

space arrangement of this kind of building – the plan/layout of this kind/sort/type/style of building

nature style of living – natural style/country style/relaxed style/tranquil, calm, serene, worry-free, peaceful style of living

most of these kind of house… – most of these kinds of houses

It’s the place I belong to. – It’s the place where I’m from. / It’s the place that I identify with. / It’s part of who I am. 

There’s only several streets left. – There’s just a few streets left.

Everytime I went back to my hometown…
dirty/smelly, cannot swim in the river anymore = toxic

demolition (noun) – the act of demolishing

ex: The demolition crew is ready to destroy the old buildings.

demolish  (verb) – break down/destroy/destruct buildings

ex: They will demolish the old hospital and build a new one.