F2F Class Notes 26th April (Celeste)

I finished my work in advance. – I finished my work earlier than expected.

I booked the plane tickets for our vacation three months in advance.

Today’s work was very challenging.

temples – the part by the outer corner of the eyes


ex: We have 2 sets of cheeks. One set is on our face, one set is our butt cheeks

jaw – helps you to talk and chew

abdomen – the part below chest, including the front and the back

abs – I want abs.

abdominal muscles – In yoga we stretch our abdominal muscles.

pelvis – the part of the body that connects to the chair when sitting

hips – the sides of the pelvis

shins – the front the leg below the knee

heel – back part of the foot (high heels)

sensation – physical feeling

ex: Enjoy the sensation of the air exiting your lungs as you exhale.

emotions – happy, sad, angry, frustrated…