Open F2F Class Notes 26th April (Celeste)


The earth day of Starbucks is a special day. Starbucks official said about they would offer a cup of coffee on 22 apr 2016. Additionally customs came to the store attenshould take a cup or botten


Earth day at Starbucks is a special day. Starbucks officials said they would offer a free beverage on 22 apr 2016. Additionally customers who came to the store to attend the event needed to take a cup or bottle. But instead of bringing a cup or bottle, they brought large bowls and hot pots.

But instead of somebody (doing this), somebody (did this).

I responsible for myself. – I am responsible for myself.

I have 2 boss up to me. – I have 2 bosses above me.

greedy -when people want or take too much of something

ex: They are so greedy that when they see the words ‘free coffee’ they bring a whole bowl for the free coffee.

free style – type of dance/singing

ex: He can free style really well.

I want to try a natural style for my hair.