F2F Class Notes _23rd May (Harmony)

How to find when to settle down

The moment to settle down used to be when you have a bit spare money at a decent job.

Used to be (use – tah – be) – native speakers will slur this phrase together.

Riddled (rih – dulled):  to spread throughout/ or to pierce with numerous holes.

Eg.  Is riddled with psychological neurosis = Is filled with/ spread throughout them is psychological neurosis.

Eg.  The door was riddled with holes.

A neurotic person:  a control freak, very anxious, likes to be in control, compulsive acts (have to do things certain way).

Neurosis:  the name of the disorder, anxiety… obsessive thoughts… etc.

Below (bih – low/ buh – low)

We are a fundamentally (adj.) flawed species.  (species – in this meaning is always plural).

We are a essentially flawed specialWe are essentially a flawed species


Fundamental (noun) Eg.  This is a fundamental part of learning English.  (basic).

You’re (yer/ your)

Response:  If you do “ever get around” to going there (if you have time) / If you ever get around to….

** ever:  add it for emphasis to say that we want to do something, but maybe we won’t.

  1. I want to visit Thailand, if I ever get around to saving some money.
  1. If I ever get around to going there, I will visit you.

Response:  If you do “ever get around to going there”, you should visit me!  (direct quote of the other person)

Imagine (ih – maj – in)

“What with it”:  because it is

  1. What with it being a show home and all. = with it being a show home…. Duh.

And all:  and everything.

Eg.  I will take him problems and all.  = I will take this person with all their problems and everything else.

What with it being a show home and all = With it being a show home and everything.

I would argue that traditional music is more important than modern, international music.

When to use a comma with 2 adjectives:

  • Does the sentence make sense, when the adjectives are reversed?
    • More important than international modern music.
  • Does the sentence make sense with an “and” between the adjectives?
    • More important than modern and international music.

Answer:  WE need the comma between them!