F2F Class Notes _22nd Mar (Harmony)


Abortion – to get rid of an unborn child, to stop a pregnancy

Ex. Will you keep the baby or get an abortion

Feminine (fem -min – in)

masculine (mas – cule – in)

“mind over matter”:  if something isn’t going right, or you’re in pain… you have to use your mind to overcome it/ to work through it.


waited our friends to comewaited for our friends to come

headlight:  the lights at the front of the car.

ex:  The headlight was broken during the car accident.

dent:  a depression in the surface, as from a blow or a hit.

ex:  The car was dented on the side.

ex:  When I threw a rock, it made a dent in the ground/wall…

car dealership:  somewhere that you can buy a car, but they also have a shop to fix cars.

ex:  I drove my car to the car dealership to get fixed. 

warranty:  an agreement to fix something if it goes wrong or breaks.

ex:  Our car has a warranty for the first year. 

intersection: the middle area where two roads meet.

ex:  The accident happened in the intersection.

solid line:  the road markings that tell the driver when he/she can not change lanes

ex:  If you see a solid line, you can’t change lanes. 

dotted line:  the road markings that tell the driver they can change lanes.

ex:  I drew a dotted line on my textbook to mark the important content. 

ex:  If you see a dotted line on the road, you can change lanes.

use our car travel another location, we will not stay our car in a long trip – We will travel by car to another location, we will not choose to travel a long ways by car. 

she has a glass heartshe’s sensitive

sailboat:  a boat with large sails that use the wind to push it forward.

ex:  We went sailing yesterday.

ex:  We went on a sailboat.

motorboat: a boat that uses a machine to push forward.

ex:  It is safe for children to take a motorboat. 

slide:  a fun part of a playground where kids climb up and then go down.

ex:  My little girl loved to play on the slide.  / Loved to go down the slide.

she felt very painfulshe felt a lot of pain

He thought it looked very painful

He thought she was in a lot of pain

painful (adj.)

ex:  A cactus looks painful.

pain (noun)

ex:  A cactus will cause pain.