F2F Class Notes _13th May (Harmony)



Thick (adj.):  opposite of thin

Stretchy (stret – chee):  flexible, moveable. 

the fabric is stretchy, I can pull it a lot and it will not tear.

Ex:  the gymnast is very flexible and stretchy.

Get a bigger sizeget me a medium size/ bigger/ next size up


It’s up to you – it’s your choice

Depends on– my decision is based on your decision.

Ex:  Jesse:  Can you work today?

Harmony:  That depends on my husband’s schedule. (decision is based on my husband).

Jesse:  Can you work today?

Harmony:  It’s up to you? (Jesse makes the decision.)

Ex:  depends on your schedule/depends on the weather

Ex:  it’s up to Angela if we read or story tell today. / it depends on the internet if we will read or story tell today.

Confuse(present)/confused(past)/confusing(now): (verb) to be unsure/ unclear.

Ex:  I was always confused about the difference between “up to you”, and “depends on”.

Ex:  This math problem is confusing.

ex:  It caused me to be confused.

Ex:  don’t confuse my toothbrush with your toothbrush.

Ex:  The solution about how to prevent air pollution is always confusing.

Ex:  I got lost because the directions you gave me were confusing.  (adj.)

Ex:  Harmony, your explanation is confusing me.


Ex:  I am surprised at/by the price of gasoline.

Ex:  I am surprised by your smile./  I am surprised that you are smiling.

Ex:  I am planning a surprise party.

Ex:  The answer to the math problem was surprising.

Ex:  Your smile is surprising.

Ex:  I am surprised by your score/ I am surprised that you got such a bad score.

Excite/excited/exciting (verb/adj.)

Ex:  Surprise parties excite me.

Ex:  I was excited about the surprise party.

Ex: Surprise parties are exciting!


Root:  think about tree roots, the bottom, the foundation, the source.

Conducted:  to conduct/ to execute/ to plan/ did

Researchers conducted a study on the spending habits….. = Researchers did a study on = they executed a study on…

Ex:  We conducted an experiment today in science class.

Conclusion (con – clue – shun):  the results/ the answer

Ex:  The conclusion of my sons score made me angry.