F2F Class Notes _13th Apr (Harmony)



Sweat:  water that comes out of your skin when you exercise or are hot.

Ex:  I like the feeling of sweat.

Slippers: shoes for inside in the house

Ex:  My friends will visit us, so I must prepare some slippers for them.

Swimming clothesbathing suit


Waves:  the motion water makes in the ocean.

Ex: If you go swimming in the ocean you must be careful because the waves can be very big.

Weight sportweight lifting/ lifting weights


Swim cap:  the hat you wear to hold and protect your hair back while swimming.

Ex:  If you want to buy a swim cap, I suggest you buy nike brand.

Goggles:  protective eyewear for swimming.  Helps you to see underwater.

Ex:  If you want to go swimming you must take some goggles to protect your eyes.

Inner thigh:  the upper part of the thigh that (on a woman) usually touches the other thigh.

Ex:  I want to lose weight from my inner thighs.

Expensive than gym more expensive than the gym


Boxing gloves:  padded gloves for boxing.

Ex:  I am prepared to buy boxing gloves.

Series actiona series of poses/ a series of movements/a series of motions


Self defense:  being able to protect yourself. 

Ex:  I plan to go to the gym to learn boxing, then I can defend myself.

Ex:  I think boxing is a good way for women to learn self defense


If you don’t sport – if you don’t exercise


You will not easy to sick – your body will be strong, and won’t get sick easily