F2F Class notes 9th July (Eddie)

rodeo     = a type of competition which involves people riding horses or bulls, usually for 8 seconds

literal        = the primary meaning of a word

figurative = a secondary meaning of a word or phrase, used for effect

mountain                       = a big rock

mountain of work     = a large amount of work

Carol’s examples

1. I’ve got enough on my plate. (there is no actual plate)

2. It sounds like it’s going to a piece of cake. (there is no actual cake)

The protests erupted this week after videos surfaced showing two African-American men, Alton Sterling andPhilando Castile […].

1. Protests erupted.

2. Videos surfaced

3. Videos showed the two men getting killed.

Cars passed carrying the families of the players.

Cars carrying the families of the players passed.

Cars which were carrying the families of the players passed.

Cars passed.

Messages containing the updated procedure were sent to residents.

There was general irritation at the fact that messages had been sent to residents containing the wrong information.

1. There was general irritation

2. messages had been sent

3. the information in the messages was wrong.

Gotcha! = Got ya. = Got you. = I got you. = I understand what you are saying. / I got you caught.

Betcha = Bet your […]

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Shanghai monkeys (that) Beijing elephants like hate Chengdu pandas.