F2F Class Notes 9th July (Jesse)

first i cut it then i put it in water then i put the meat in the ice water because put it in the ice water the meat can be more tasty. then put it in the hot oil in a wok and the hot oil to cook it then put a lot of seasoning and put the lid on the wok and change the small fire to cook it about 20 minutes (pr) then I cook over

first i cut/slice the pork into small cubes then i put it in boiling water then i put the meat into some ice water to give it the best flavor / taste. Then add some oil to the wok and put the meat into the hot oil to cook it then put a lot of seasoning, including salt, sugar, and a special type of soy sauce and put the lid on the wok and change to low heat to cook it for about 20 minutes, and that’s all / then I am finished
that’s all = jiu ke yi le

how long do you have class for? For 40 minutes.

high heat < > low heat

flavor = taste – wei dao

soy sauce = jiang you
vinegar = cu
salt = yan

fresh – use this to describe 2 things:
1. new things / clean things
2. things from nature that are still new

putting the meat into ice water brings the flavor out 

minutes = “min et ss”

wok – guo

lid – gai zi

seasoning – tiao wei liao

chop / dice (smaller) – to cut into small pieces
slice – to cut it into bigger and thin pieces

including = bao kuo
eg. i have many students including you

made up of = bao han
eg. this cup is made up of paper and plastic.

in your life = have done
te ding de time in the past = did
eg. how long have you lived in China? (in your life)
eg2. how long did you live in China last time you were here? (past)