F2F Class Notes 8th August (Raph)

To get something straight: to make something clear, easy to understand.

Journal (n): 1- a notebook where you write about the things you do everyday; 2- 日志.
E.g.: He kept a journal where he wrote about all the best things he did.

Diary (n): 1- a notebook where you write about events and experiences everyday; 2-日记.
E.g.: She wrote about everything she did that day in her diary.

Jerk (n): 1- a silly, mean person.
E.g.: I don’t want to be friends with him. He is a jerk.

Feeling (n): 1- 情怀
E.g.: Jack wants Rose to be his girlfriend. He has strong feelings for her.

Q: Tell me about your day?
A: This morning I ate breakfast, then I did my homework. After that I had lunch and came to school. Now I am studying English. After the class, I will play and watch TV.

“Today I have breakfast at 8 o’clock.” > “Today I had breakfast at 8 o’clock.”

Past (过去)
Present (当下)
Future (未来)

Yesterday was Sunday.
Today is Monday.
Tomorrow is Tuesday