F2F Class Notes 8th August (Jesse)

in regards to / regarding 

he wants to lower the price

there is room to move on the price
we are flexible 

minimum < > maximum
min < > max

client / customer 

do you do that with every client, and is that just your responsibility

too low price:

you want 50
it is 40
they want 37

durable – well made and strong

the quality matches the price

efficiency – e fish en see

i can take an example – i can give you an example / let me give you an example 

cause problems = create problem

the filter must be high quality in order to stop the dust from entering the engine

contract – pr – con tract

suggest – se JEST


casual – cazh you el

stress this part of the word

strings – zz

strength – streh gg th

syllable – 音节

au = war da
br = war te
us = wa der