F2F Class Notes 7th November (Raph)


Claustrophobia (n): 1- a fear of being in closed or small spaces
E.g.: He suffers from severe claustrophobia.

Claustrophobic (adj) 1- someone who suffers from claustrophobia. 2- the feeling of claustrophobia.
E.g.: Being stuck in a plane for hours made him feel very claustrophobic.

Confined (adj): 1- (of a space) restricted in area or volume; cramped.
E.g.: He doesn’t like being in confined spaces.

Rational (adj): 1- based on facts or reason and not on emotions or feelings. 2- having the ability to reason or think about things clearly.
E.g.: He tried to always make decisions in the most rational way.

Rationality (n): 1- the quality or state of being rational
E.g.: Rationality is something that is really valued in a leader.

Advocate (v/n): 1- a person who argues for or supports a cause or policy
E.g.: He was a very enthusiastic human rights advocate.

Relative (n): 1- a member of your family.
E.g.: I invited all my relatives to the wedding.

Disown (v): 1- to say or decide that you will no longer be connected with, associated with, or responsible for (someone or something)
E.g.: Her parents threatened to disown her if she didn’t go back to school.

Disinherit (v): change one’s will or take other steps to prevent (someone) from inheriting one’s property.
E.g.: The Duke is seeking to disinherit his eldest son.

Dictator (n): 1- a person who rules a country with total authority and often in a cruel or brutal way.
E.g.: The country was ruled by a military dictator.

Dictatorship (n): 1- a government or country in which total power is held by a dictator or a small group.
E.g.: The country suffered for many years under his dictatorship.