F2F Class Notes 6th August (Ben)

She lives in France

Do you often walk here?
Do you often work here?

walk = “wok”

In this morning, I woke up at 6 -> This morning

the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games
It was fantastic

Did you wake up specially for that?
I wake up –> I woke up

No matter the day
No matter if it’s a workday or the weekend

Because I got used to it

Sometimes it’s a bit upsetting; even if I sleep very late, I still wake up at 6 no matter what.
So I feel very sleepy in the afternoon.

SomeTHING is upsetTING, disappoinTING, exciTING, interesTING
I am upset, disappointed, excited, interested.

I am an early riser, I got used to doING it when I started my work.

I am used to SOMETHING, doING, teachING,
I am used to eating Chinese food.

I am a night owl.

later = “la-dur”

whale, bail, frail,
bake, cake, wake up

I like to slip out and sleep.
He will flip out and flee.
I put the bean in the bin.

leek, leap, leave, leaf, lead

The Olympic Games
The ceremony was about 3 hours long.