Open F2F Class notes 6th August (Eddie)

diving = a sports event which involves athletes jumping into water from a board

synchronized swimming = 花样游泳

to synchronize = to do something at the same time as someone else

to fail to = to be unsuccessful at doing something

to fail =/= to succeed

The elements are unrelated visually and the imagery is confusing. The surprinted lettering is unreadable.

unrelated  =/= related
unrelated = not connected

visual adj           = related to vision
vision n                = sight
visually adv        =

audio = something we hear

confusing = something which makes us confused

But nowadays, maybe the summer bed is so softly or I just need bright sheet sets, I haven’t made my bed neatly for few months.

In summer I only use a light quilt / cover / blanket which means I haven’t made my bed neatly in a few months.

After this class, I will have dinner with my friend. She want to have fried bullfrog,I agreed.
About my food tasted , I like eat every type food,but I was influenced my teacher about it. My teacher in primary school told me, that snack、some birds and frog were good animals they always eat warm and It’s good for people, so we should not eat them. I remember it, so without dog as people’s friend, I never asked to eat good animal, Although I know bullfrog are fed.

After this class, I will have dinner with my friend. She asked if I wanted to have fried bullfrog, and I agreed.

As far as food goes, / When it comes to food, I like to eat all kinds of food thanks to what my third grade teacher told me. Ms Chen told me that snakes, certain birds and frogs were good animals as they always eat worms and protect plants, so we should not eat them. I remembered her words and I have tried all my life to not eat certain animals, although I know bullfrogs are farmed for human consumption.