F2F Class Notes 6th August (Ben)

geography 地理学

St = Saint 圣
a British colony 殖民地
a slave 奴隶
the capital 首都
a dialect 方言

a salesman
hydraulic equipment for military tanks

a background 背景
mechanics 机械学
a pump truck 泵车

standard 标准 “sten-durd”
give reports, describe problems and customers’ requirements
do translation

It is sensitive information. 保密消息
sensitive = confidential

interrupt me 打断

Face a problem
What kind of problems do you face at work?
a language barrier 语言障碍
The economic situation is SLIGHTLY / SHARPLY…
1. booming
2. rising, growing
3. staying the same
4. slowing down, leveling
5. falling, dropping

Sales = Revenues
Profits have slightly slowed down,

The sales-profit ratio 销售利润比率 = margin

How have margins been doing? The percentage has stayed the same but the margins have dropped together with the revenue.

a one-way trip 单程
a round-trip 回程