F2F Class Notes 5th March (Celeste)

They divided/put the people into three groups.

She was quite into the city. – She really likes the city.

into – interested in someone

Ex: I’m into a cute guy.

casino – a place to gamble/play games

gamble – to play games and bet money

Ex: I went to a casino for CNY and gambled a lot of money.

The _____ is/are _____.

They study abroad in _____.

lipstick – small tube/stick of lip color

Ex: Today I will go on a date with a boy, so I will use lipstick.

lip gloss –  liquid lip color

Ex: If I want to make my lips shinier, I will use lip gloss.

lipstain – long wearing lip color

Ex: Every time I drink some water the color of my lip stain will not come off.

lip balm / chapstick – moisturizes lips

Ex: My lips are quite dry so its helpful to use lip balm.

makeup (one and more than 1)

Ex: On the table there is a lot of makeup.

Is it quite difficult to take off/remove your makeup?