F2F Class Notes 5th March (Celeste)

Jesse and Judy don’t have there in this moment yesterday.

Yesterday at this time, Jesse and Judy were not here.

Jesse and Judy were not here at this time, yesterday.

At this time, I usually have class.

I usually have class at this time.

I’m off work. / I’m finished with work.

At 5PM/ 5 o’clock I’m off work.

Ex: At 9AM/ 9 o’clock it’s time to work.

Question: Got it?

Answer: Got it.

Answer: I know. ( This can be very rude.)

I will do not say “I know.” – I will not say “I know.”

I will do not dance. I will do not run. I will do not eat. –

I will not dance. I will not run. I will not eat./ I will dance. I will run. I will eat.

Arizoner – Arizona(AIR i zon uh)