F2F Class Notes 5th January (Tony)

Q: If they make some new rules you as a team leader, will you comply with them?

A: If it’s a reasonable rule, I will absolutely comply with it.

If someone could guide me with the daily work as a senior technician, it will be better for me.


I very like      I really (ADV.) like

not so many people

interview for my promotion (n)

the whole interview

communication skills

supportive role


roles – Rowls

rules – Rewls

Speaking exercise

I have joined Hi, my name is Louritta. I started working at H an M over a year ago.

I graduated from DongHua University with a Master’s degree in Fashion Design and Engineering.

I have solid garment knowledge and aside from the Senior technician I’m the primary technician for our brand. I have a lot of passion for our brand. So I believe I can be a good team leader.