F2F Class Notes 5th August (Celeste)

The acts were quite similar. – The shows/parts/sections/programs were quite similar.

A day in the life of…. – what is your daily life like?
A month in the life of Nobu

I think I like it but it is very tired.
I think I like it but it is very tiring.
If something makes you tired, it is tiring, you are tired.

After work, I am tired. After a marathon, I am exhausted.
I am tired. = I am beat.

I don’t like it.
I hate it.
It will be progress.
It will progress / improve.
My tolerance will improve.
My ability to tolerate alcohol will improve/get better.

My patience is wearing thin.
– sb/sth is getting worse, it is upsetting you

I’ve had it up to here with you / this …
– becoming angry

terrible 2’s – when 2 year old children are terrible
eg. She has the terrible 2’s.

more close

close / closer / closest

more far
far / farther / farthest

disgusting adj.- not good, very bad, dirty

eg. The streets of Shanghai are disgusting because everyone leaves their trash on the ground and they spit.