F2F Class Notes 5th August (Jesse)

Jesse next class: prep training 

preposition = jie zi 

i think it is a good thing

i think it is a waste of time 

I am a student of SE 

You are a friend of mine 

for + noun
to + verb

i bought a cake to give you for your birthday. 

when I go to my hometown, i don’t get to see my cousin. 

if you finish your work, you will get to go home early. 

you will get to do = you can / i will let you

get married = become married 

i love spending time with my friends

i love hanging out with my friends 

i love going out with my friends 

When using nouns:
which one and how many? 

a – just 1 / any
the – only 1 / obvious / more detail
my / his / hers / their / yours – owned by
some / many (#?) – say the number / +s
(say the noun) – all / in general

I like coffee
I had a coffee earlier today. The coffee (from starbucks) was great. 

When using verbs:
what time am i talking about?

I run

normal time / no time – i run (sometimes / everyday)
in my life / already – I have run (already / before)
past (specific) – I ran (yesterday)
now – I am running (now)
future – I am going to run (tomorrow) / I will run (tomorrow)
past + happening – I was running (yesterday)
future + happening – I will be running (tomorrow)
past + before another past – I had ran before you did

April: 5:55
Jesse: 5:50

Jesse arrived earlier than April by 5 minutes.
Jesse had arrived for 5 minutes before April arrived. 

client = ke hu 

out of business = close the business due to financial problems
eg. i think the cafe will go out of business soon

i woke up at 8oclock because i felt tired yesterday so i woke up late. then i came to my job at 9oclock. my boss he’s out of business so i feel relief, not too much stress like before. and then i helped my coworkers printed documents like whole day because she had lots of documents to send me. 

i woke up at 8oclock because i felt tired yesterday, so i woke up late. then i got to work at 9oclock. my boss is out of shanghai / not in the office / on a business trip so i am happy and relieved and don’t have not too much stress like before. After that, i helped my coworkers to print documents for the whole day because she had lots of documents to send me. 

and then = middle of sentence

after that = start / middle 

when saying the reason, never use past tense

i have relieved you of your position = you’re fired

i am relieved = i feel relaxed

i feel relief = i feel relaxed 

job = position / responsibilities

work = company / office / things you do at work