F2F Class Notes 5th August (Celeste)

Weekly Review:

just stay at home play computer
I just stayed at home to play on the computer.


When I eat, I should not speak.
When I would eat, I shouldn’t speak.

Before eating, I must wash my hands.

My mom wish I didn’t argue with the other students.
My mom hoped that I wouldn’t argue with the other students.

Almost didn’t follow my mom’s rules.
I almost never followed my mom’s rules.

area ( air ee yuh )

someone photo her
someone photographed her ( foto graff t )

reported ( ri por tid )
I reviewed the upper part.
I reviewed the first part/section.
I reviewed the part above.
I reviewed the section before this.

Literal (lit – er – ul): (adj.) 字面意义的 it actually happened/it could actually happen.
eg. I literally cannot breathe. = I literally am choking.
eg. Shell literally stayed at home all day until she came to Smart English.

(fig – yer – ah – tiv): (adj.) 比喻的 metaphorically/ didn’t actually happen/ wouldn’t happen.
eg. I am so hungry, I could eat a horse.
eg.  My husband is driving my crazy, I want to kill him.
eg. I don’t have a job right now, I am as happy as a dog with out a bone / as a bride on her wedding day and it’s raining.

– woman
groom – man