F2F Class Notes 5th Aug (Harmony)

Appropriate (ah – pro – pree – it)

I touch this oftenI experience this often because I work in HR


**Touch is usually used for physically touching sth.

** Meet/met is usually for an actual meeting with someone.

Eg.  Nice to meet you.

Eg.  I met him yesterday.

2nd meeting:  nice to see you again, it’s nice to see you.

Meet a problem (not common)– face a problem/experience a problem

Plug it in/unplug it

Phone/ phone cord/ charger

Charger:  the small part that actually gets plugged in.  (the cord attaches to it.)

Eg.  I have to plug in my phone charger.

Eg.  I have to charge my phone.

Eg.  I have to plug in my phone.

Machine (mah – sheen)—smile!

Vitamin (vy – tah – men)—Zinc: good for word memory/preventing brain fog.

Fog:  when the clouds are low and you can’t see very far outside.

Eg.  Today is foggy outside.

Eg.  There will be fog later today.

Brain fog:  when you brain is cloudy and you can’t think straight.

Eg.  My brain is foggy today.

Do you heard of Wyethhave you heard of Wyeth/about Wyeth?


Did you hear about the news?

Have you heard the news?





Deserted:  abandoned.

Eg.  He was deserted by his team.

“a” team:  the best team/ first class.


Far from clear = very unclear

Whatsoever:  at all.

Eg.  He doesn’t want to accept our offer whatsoever.


Muddled: (noun) confused, disordered, or embarrassing condition.

Eg.  The onboarding process is muddled and needs to be mended.

“So crazy it might just work” = an idea that seems crazy and stupid at first, but then might actually work.

Seizure:  to seize/ or to capture/to take.

Eg.  They seized my car after I got a large speeding ticket.

Eg.  My seizure of the window seat was worth it.

https://www.ted.com/   —- look at the “interactive transcript”