F2F Class Notes 4th May (Celeste)

ADD = Attention Deficit Disorder

I’m ADD today. – being dramatic, means being off topic [native way]

scatterbrain – when thoughts are random and aren’t organized [native]

ex: I’m a scatterbrain today, I can’t focus and everything is unorganized.

pick your poison = you pick what you want to drink/take [natural, native, relaxed, casual]

regular bar/restaurant (place) = you often/frequently visit a place

ex: Let’s go to our regular bar/spot/place I’m in need of a strong drink.

ex: I’ll see you at our regular place/spot.

ex: I am a regular here, I come almost every morning.

ex: [when ordering sth] I’ll have my regular/usual.

ex: I’ll take my usual.

When tipping servers/waitstaff in the US:

  1. tip the amount of tax
  2. if service was very good/excellent, double the tax if the tax is around 9-10% = 18-20%  [usually for fine dining]
  3. if service was ok/decent tip 5-10% of the total bill

decent – adequate, ok, good enough, nothing special, just ok, average, normal