F2F Class Notes _4th May (Harmony)


Then to sleep to 11am– then I went to sleep until 11am


I went to hiking – I went hiking/ I went to climb a mountain/ I went to the mountains to hike


Bamboo Shoots:  the small vegetable, not the tall bamboo. 


It will felt express – They felt stressed


Stress:  a feeling of pressure

Ex: If you have heavy stress you will get sick.


Express:  to put thoughts into words, to tell.

Ex:  The boy expressed his true feelings to the girl.  = he told her out loud.

Ex:  I have to express how unhappy I am at work.  = I have to tell my boss how sad I am.

Out of Town:  to go to another city/village/town.

Ex:  Sometimes when I am stressed I need to get out of town.  = I need to leave Shanghai to take a break.

Ex:  That person is from out of town = they are not a local person/ they are from another town.

National Day/ National Week:  The October Holiday in China.

There are close to ShanghaiThey are/ it is close to Shanghai


There will have a lot of people – there will be a lot of people at the mountain. 


Will Be:  in the future.

There will be = in the future a lot of people might be there.

Ex:  I will be in Guilin next weekend/ I will go to Guilin next weekend.

Ex:  My friend will be in Tibet during the holiday.  = future, your friend is going to Tibet during the next holiday.

Ex:  I will be there to meet you.  / I will be there soon!

Late for work:  I will be there soon!  I will be there in 10 minutes!

Harmony born in where? Which country were you born in?


Vietnam (viet – nahm)


in the west = western countries

most of the time = recently

territory (terr – ih – tor – ee )

ex:  I don’t have a good way to learn English properly./  I come to Smart English to learn English properly.

estater – real estate agent