F2F Class Notes 4th June (Eddie)

he or she’s – his or her / their (we say they / their / theirs when we do not know the gender of the person we are referring to)

E.g. A person left a bag of toys outside my front door. I heard something, but by the time I was able to go outside, they were gone.

Oh, look! Someone forgot their umbrella!

D-Day = June 6, 1944, the day of the Normandy landings in France during WW2

NB me too =/= me either / neither
E.g. A: I can’t eat a whole pig. B: I can’t, either.
A: I can neither dance nor sing.

A: Would you prefer coffee or tea?
B: Neither, thank you.

Personality traits

– organized
– calm
– hot brain
– gentle
– analytical
– spontaneous
– logical
– emotional
– sensitive
– introvert / extrovert
– outgoing
– aggressive
– flamboyant
– show-off
– shallow = superficial =/= considerate / thoughtful
– cheerful
– positive

synonyms – words that look different but have the same meaning
antonyms – words that look different and have opposite meanings