F2F Class Notes 4th June (Eddie)

break – broke – broken

brake – braked – braked

to brake = to step on the pedal that will make a car slow down or stop.
E.g. Carol saw the rabbit and decided to brake. She braked and the rabbit ran away to safety.

pedal = a control we step on

E.g. I am very tired; I have been pedaling all day. Don’t step on the gas pedal when the light is red!

petal = a part of a flower
The floor was covered in rose petals.

to accelerate = to increase the speed, to go faster

if i drive faster = if I gave it gas

kilogram = 1,000 grams (weight)

E.g. Yesterday I received an air freight cargo which weighed 10,000 kg. = 10 tons

kilometer = 1,000 meters (distance)
E.g. Tomorrow I will run a half-marathon, which has 21.1 kilometers.