F2F Class Notes 4th April (Jesse)

“to each their own” – everyone has their own attitude and opinion

it don’t finishit isn’t finished

i haven’t finished = i didn’t finish 

i wanta to write abouta food culture

culture – col ture

you have travelled to some cities near shanghai

i dont know whether you found if some chinese food is good or not..

whether = shi fou / bu guan

eg. whether or not it rains, i will still go out

rains – rayn

when they have some dishwhen they cook 

i don’t love it but i don’t hate it either 

high altitude = like xizang

eg. xizang is in a very high altitude area

eg2. planes fly at a very high altitude

oxygen – “ocksijen”

there aren’t many people living there 

many of our staff are good 

i have so much stuff in my office