F2F Class Notes _4th Apr (Harmony)



 tights / hosiery – thin, stretchy socks with legs, like pants

There have been – there has been (past tense)

Ex:  There has been some complaints about the sharks.


There have been a complaint.  – There has been….




When the film were shootWhen the film was shot

The hotel where we were going to live – The hotel where we were going to stay.


She shared the photo to us – The showed the photo to us/  She shared the photo with us




She suggest me –  She suggested to me that I should…. / She suggested that….

She recommend me – She recommended to me/ She recommended that I….

She advise me – She advised me that I should…./  She gave me some advice

She persuade me – she persuaded (past tense)

Ex:  I suggest that you take the test.

Ex:  I suggest to you that you should take a seat.

Ex:  I recommend that you take a seat.

Ex:  I advise you to take a seat.

Ex:  I will persuade you to take a seat./  He persuaded me to take a seat.

Floor tickets: standing tickets

Seated ticket: in the stands

Backstage pass:  you spend more money to meet the artist, and maybe go to a party before or after the show.

He is famous for a presentHe is famous for his representative TV series.