F2F Class Notes _4th Apr (Harmony)

How are you?/ How are you today?/ How are you doing?/  How is your day going? (informal)

  • Fine thanks, how are you?
  • Good
  • Not Bad
  • I am well, thank you. And you?
  • I’m fine, and you?

Friends (close friends/ relatives) – be honest.

Formal person/ professional person (boss, someone you just met for the first time) – stick to the standard responses.

  • Fine/ Good…
  • Always ask how they are.

Receiving a compliment.

  • Thank you.
  • Thanks! I love your dress too…
  • Thanks, I just got these glasses today!

If in doubt, ask them questions about themselves. 


If in doubt:  if you’re wondering what to do, or questioning.

Ex:  You can ask me anything/anytime if you are in doubt.

Ex:  I doubt that John will be late for work today.

  • How’s your job going?
    • How long have you been with that company?
    • Is that what you went to university for? (major)
  • Are you still dating____? (more for closer friends)
    • How’s that going?
  • Any plans for the holidays?
  • Any big plans for the weekend?
  • How was your weekend?
    • Where did you go for dinner?
    • Who did you go with?
    • Do you recommend the restaurant?

You’re really quiet today.

  • I’m always here!
  • I’m just listening and learning.
  • I’m learning from the best!
  • I’m focused on taking notes/ thinking about the next steps.

Finish the conversation.

  • Bye (bye-bye!)
  • See you later
  • Talk to you soon (emails as well)
  • Well I have to get back to work, talk to you later!
  • Thanks for your help, I’ll let you know what happens/ I have to go…..

Answering the phone:

  • Hello Ruby speaking
  • This is Ruby
  • “Can I speak to Ruby?”
    • This is Ruby.
  • Ruby speaking, how can I help you?