F2f Class Notes 3rd March (Rab)

ThailandeseThai people

Bangkok – pronunciation – remember the “k” on the end

Who accompany with me – who will accompany me

If you from some city south of china – if you are from a southern city of China

Southern – pronunciation – suh-thern

Adventure – an exciting journey, an exploration of the unknown
Ex. When I was 18 I was always searching for adventure but now that I am an old man I just want to sit and watch my family grow

Work <> rest (relaxation)

Opposite – the directly different word
Ex. Up is the opposite of down
Ex. Left is the opposite of right
On and off, right (correct) and wrong
Before and after, permanent and temporary

Relaxed = laid back

She propose me – she proposed to me

She has been gone to – she has been

Venezuela – pronunciation – veh-nez-way-la